Self-publishing and Author Services

I am excited to tell you of two new ventures I'm working on. In December, 2013, I embarked on a self-publishing opportunity. Self-publishing got started with a boom in 2008, although it's been around for hundreds of years. With my combination of graphic design, an MBA in Marketing, photography, landscape design, Macintosh computer, and group tour experience, self-publishing is a no-brainer. Although I am working on a couple of books for myself, I am really interested in helping other closet writers make their own books happen. I'll keep you updated on how this is going. If anyone if interested, I have a presentation on Self-Publishing (an overview).

The second project I've jumped into is iOS programming. Do you know that you can take hundreds of FREE courses from universities like Stanford, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home? Go to iTunes, click on the iTunes Store in the left panel, then click on iTunes U tab at the top of the window. Type in keywords for your dream course. I did, and I found an Introduction to Programming (CS106a) at Stanford. I'm taking the course as it is being taught this spring. All the handouts are current, although the videos are several years old. No matter, I'm looking forward to writing an app for my guitar by the end of the year! Who knew?

Articles and Books

Several of my photographs have been published in magazines such as American Nurseryman (April 2010), Carolina Gardener (March 2011 - photos of Petra McLean's garden) and Veranda. In 2006 in Veranda (May-June, page 104), I had a photograph of the Winter Garden in the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken, Belgium, published. Later, I was asked to write an article for Veranda and my article on hedges (Handsomely Hedged) was published in November, 2008. In addition to writing the article, eight of my photos were used to illustrate the story. Thanks go to Tom Woodham for that article.

I have been working on several books. I am currently working with Dr. Robert F. Polomski of Clemson University, and Kevin Parris of Spartanburg Community College, on a book for Landscape Architects. Bob and Kevin will provide the text; I am providing the layout and photographs. In addition to this exciting joint venture, I have been working on three other books. They are: Hedges, a Designer's Handbook; The Making of a Garden, Dreams to Reality; and a novel set in a small town in South Carolina very similar to Spartanburg. When they are finally ready for purchase, you will find them here.


Over the years, I have taken literally thousands of slides and digital images. I have over 30,000 slides and 28,000 digital photos. My husband and I have travelled all over the world and I make an effort to document architecture, historical places, and gardens that I see. With the aid of Powerpoint (TM), it is relatively easy to put together presentations. I keep a few presentations "in the can", but it is possible to customize a presentation for your group or club. If you have an interest, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs and the logistics.


Landscape Plants


Landscape Plants of the Southeast.



Hedges, a Designer's Handbook.

Making a Garden


Making My Garden: Dreams to Reality.

Telling Lies


Telling Lies: Stories from a Small Town in South Carolina.

Presentation: English Gardens


Topics include outstanding English gardens and their influence on American gardens as well as the Chelsea Flower Show.

Presentation: Cottage Gardens


Cottage gardens are some of the most charming in the world and had a major impact on English and American Gardens.